Friday, December 4, 2009

Stocks breaking many..

Cement stocks which have been correcting since "Post Elections", have started to move up. Cement stocks generally give lead indications.
After a broader correction(Upward correction) for more than 3 months, Steel & other commodity stocks have started to trend higher and some in the process of doing so.
Reliance is also in the process of moving higher if it can break past 1120.
Bank stocks , after a brief correction, are on the verge of moving higher.
IT stocks continue to trend higher.
In Nifty, in the higher time frames such as Daily & Weekly, the prices continue to display higher high & higher lows. Highs are capped presently capped @ 5182. The moment that high is taken out, the bullishness will become obvious(Presently scores of stocks are outperforming..the big stocks are yet to do catching up).
Till a valid lower low is not done(and a subsequent lower high), no sustained fall is possible.
So stock pickers...have a blast of a time..

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bank Nifty & SBI

Prices are still trending up within the channel.
Break below 2100 will be bearish..

Only a break below 8650 will be weak.

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